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Self Marketing Solutions for Farmers

Milk and Food vending Machines

Welcome to the temporary webseite of Risto Farmshop Solutions. Very shortly, we will present you the full range of our self marketing solutions for farmers. Meanwhile we would like you to contact us directly if questions appear. Please feel free to us one of the many contact buttons on this website.

We develop, produce and sell technical solutions which enable farmers throughout the world to sell their valuable products directly to consumers. We do this via highly automated vending machines that can be placed directly on your farm or at highly frequented sales points. With the help of these machines, you can sell just about any agricultural product you produce. Further, we develop, produce and supply technical solutions to process raw milk on a small scale, directly on your farm. This is an efficient way to become a little more independent. We see ourselves as your partner in farming and sales. Moreover, we work closely with the regulatory authorities so that our technical systems can guarantee the outstanding quality of your products delivered to the end customer. In order to ensure the technically smooth operation of the systems in compliance with the official regulations, we also provide you with all necessary post-sale services. Risto connects you with your consumer and provides an easy start to self-marketing. We create the necessary infrastructure for you, right from the start and set the standards for your ongoing business development.

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Self-Marketing is easier than you think

With Risto Farmshop Solutions

Thousands of farmers have already done it. Invest in proven technology directly from the manufacturer. Sell tens of thousands of litres of milk each year at a fair price directly from your farm or from external, highly frequented sales points. Take the next step with us and discover what Risto Farmshop Solutions stand for. Please contact us with your questions. We will be pleased to advise you and show you the best way to start self-marketing your products.

For detailed information, you can download our current catalog here!
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Milkbox and Foodbox, your 24/7 sales staff

Automated self marketing for farmers

Our Milkbox 180, Milkbox 360 and our Foodbox follow a holistic ergonomic approach with highly frequented sales points in mind. Bakeries, supermarkets and butchershops to name just a few. The exchangable square milk containers in combination with automatic cleaning stations will save your valuable time when supplying fresh milk to your points of sale. The Risto Smart App will inform you about the overall condition and the filling levels of every single machine in realtime. Our Milkbox 180/360 system in combination with the automatic cleaning station fits perfectly into the Risto Farmshop Solutions world. To learn more about it, please read the following pages. Optimise your workflow and maximise your profit.

For detailed information, you can download our current catalog here!
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The Farmshop Factory, your way into independence

How you can process your milk by yourself easy

The Risto Farmshop Factory is a new approach to self marketing and independent business developement for farmers. We at Risto see the entire value added chain, from the production on your farm, to the breakfast table of your consumer. And we want to give the farmer the credit he deserves. So we think, that you may want to consider this scenario! Your milk vending machine is installed on your farm and delivers tens of thousands of litres of raw milk a year. And right beside it, you have set up your successful product vending machine, busily distributing empty bottles to new milk customers, and your local products are also selling well. What if we could surprise you with the next step for your business? What if we could help to make the production of dairy products right on your farm a reality? On the following pages, we would like to explain what we have been developing during the last few years, and what we will be able to offer you in the near future. The Farmshop Factory is a modular system that enables you to process your raw-milk directly on your farm. We have developed efficient technology that takes care of all of the crucial factors in dairy production. You will be able to produce your own cheese, ricotta or yoghurt in complete accordance with food safety requirements. The Risto Farmshop Factory modules can be installed either in your existing farm buildings or even better, in plug and play ready built containers. So let`s go into the details.

For detailed information, you can download our current catalog here!
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Farmshop Solutions, certified partners

Our Service for your success

Risto operates a very efficient partner qualification programme to ensure our quality levels troughout the operation.

As Risto is an international enterprise, qualified local partners are a basic requirement for a trouble free installation and a undisturbed operation of our highly sophisticated technology. Although Risto machinery is extremely reliable, we want to eliminate chances of mailfunction of any kind, including human factors. Our partners have extensive access to the manufacturers` support from our headquarters in Germany. We maintain the highest standards by qualifying our partners in an extensive training programme. We have 3 levels of qualification which correspond with the technical complexity of our machines.

For detailed information, you can download our current catalog here!
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Risto new-and used machine business

Risto, the biggest trader of used milk tanks worldwide

Since 2001, Risto has developed into one of the biggest internationally acclaimed trading companies for milk tanks and related technical equipment. Driven by the rising demand from farmers troughout Europe, Risto has developed efficient technologies to modernise used tanks. Today, Risto buys and sells new and used milk cooling tanks. Used tanks are completely refurbished, meeting modern requirements of economic, ecologic and ergonomic factors. Risto is:

- International trading of new and used milk cooling systems
- Modernising and refurbishment of used systems
- Upgrading to energy and ergonomically efficient standards
- Biggest used machine trading company worldwide
- Different control units available (Risto and Serap)
- Cooling units will be renewed by standard
- Mobile milk cooling tanks are available
- Custom building and construction of individual solutions
- Tank capacities from 1,700 to 10,000 litres for used systems
- Tank capacities from 900 to 30,000 liters for new systems (Serap)
- Plug and play ready systems
- Door to door delivery

For detailed information, you can download our current catalog here!
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Risto and the Farmshop Solutions

Who we are and what we think

We are an owner-manged company, initially established in a garage. We personally stand behind our actions and those of our staff with our good name. We hold our staff, customers and suppliers in high esteem. We treat each other fairly and appreciate an open and honest exchange. We value high-quality products. We expect the same from the products and solutions we sell to our customers. Our customers demonstrate their loyalty by continuously further developing their farms with our systems.

Trust, rules and commitments are our highest priorities. You want to actively approach a sales point to expand your business or you are a sales point on the lookout for suitable suppliers? We will be glad to assist you with the necessary contract documents. We will be pleased to advise you and establish business relations.

We listen carefully to our customers and are constantly working to further develop our products – and your opportunities. Even after selling our technical solutions, we will provide you with all of the services required to guarantee the smooth operation of your systems in accordance with food safety requirements. Everything from a single source. We see you as our partner and strive to maximise your profit.

For detailed information, you can download our current catalog here!
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